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Voodoo & Daisy

Voodoo & Daisy lives with Jenny and Russ Kater in Perkasie, PA.

Voodoo's dad, Jabu (Ch. Mkuzi Ake Ajabu). He is the reason we fell in love with ridgebacks.

Voodoo's first day home with mom, Jenny, when he still had us convinced he was sweet and shy. Our only concern was whether or not he would grow into those ears.

Voodoo at 18 months. Don't be fooled. He can really work a crowd when he wants something.

Voodoo - Mr. Majestically Cool, surveying his 23 acre kingdom

Voodoo and Daisy, patiently waiting for their driver to take them for their daily ride.

After a long day of sparring, Voodoo and Daisy snuggle and sleep, always best buddies in the end.

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