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Vizara, Vumba, Chirembo & Jessie

Vizara, Vumba, Chirembo & Jessie live with Rens Trappel in Herkingen, The Netherlands.
Vumba was our first RR who came to live with us nearly 10 years ago. After 1 year he was joined by Jessie, a rescue bitch. This was their first holiday together in France.

Vumba and Jessie love to run in the fields around our house. The farmers don't like this very much.

Vumba and Jessie love going on holiday. Here they are visiting Israel, where Vumba loved swimming in the river Jordan.

Vumba enjoying the sights of the Holy Land. Here he is on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Dome of the Rock.

From left to right: Vizara, Vumba, Chirembo and Jessie, in our garden. Vizara is the daughter of Vumba and Chirembo came to us from Israel. She was born in the Galilee.

Vizara and Chirembo are very good friends. They love running together and chasing hares in the fields around our house.

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