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Neiko & Hudson

Neiko & Hudson live with Donna & Euan Cochrane in Christchurch, New Zealand.
On a clear blue sky , looking off into the distance for bunnies.

The thrill of the chase! Neiko in the lead, racing to the top of the hill with Hudson in persuit.

Hudson at 17 months of age , some times I forget how young he is , he is so patient and caring.

Neiko is the water rat in the family , to the point where you know that if you want her out of the water you are going to have to go in there and get her because she wont come out with out putting up a fuss ! , in fact she likes nothing better than on a hot summers day to park herself in the water and fish:) thankfully the only things she has managed to catch are stones , seaweed stick and smelly dead things that she normally rolls in first before you get a chance to yell at her.. For Hudson swimming wasn't so natural , but there was no way he was going to miss out on all the fun that Neiko was having, so he soon learnt to get his feet wet.

This is one of my most favourite camping places 'Loch Katrine' it's about 3 hours drive from home , and hour and 1/2 is by 4 wheel drive track but it's worth the trip when you are met with such beauty. This was the first time Hudson decided to swim all by himself even beating Neiko into the water and for the stick !:)

Never a moments rest , no sooner do they 'take 5' when they spot a magpie flying in the trees and they're off on the chase.

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