More Rhodesian Ridgebacks:

Mick lives with John and Chantal Janssen in Nabour of Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Our Mick is now 1 year old and a very lovely dog. In the pictures he is 9 month's old. We live in the Nabour of Nijmegen, and several times a week we go to the forest and he likes it to play with the other dogs. At the moment he likes the water but when his ear's become wet he runs out of the water and tries to swim again.

His mother is a dog from the Jockular kennel named Jockular- Rabanne, his father is a German boy named Aron-Ogni.

Mick is now two years old. In these two pictures you can see that Mick likes to lay on the grass, with his head in the sun.

The other picture you can see Mick sitting
on the bench with our 5 month old son Naud.

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