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Kip lives with Chris Thompson & Harriet Hamer in Auckland, New Zealand.
Kip is named after legendary Kenyan middle-distance runner, Kip Keino. He's pretty good at running. Also, he's pretty good at kipping! (Thanks to Paul Hamer for the name suggestion.)

And he's pretty good at chewing stuff.

This was how cute and innocent he looked when he moved in with us, aged 7 weeks. Since then he has developed into a complete troublemaker!

Actually, we aren't really sure which one is Kip... but this one has the same sly look. Those lab pups were born around the same time as the ridgebacks. Both litters prefered to suckle from the lab bitch rather than the ridgeback, as the lab was lower to the ground, and the pups could reach up and grab a feed any time.

Big wet smoochy ear-lick! (One of our cats keeping his distance in the background.)

Kip's ridge.

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