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Gusa lives with Paula Porter in Concord, NH.
Gusa came to our home via Mshindaji Kennels in Middleboro, Massachusetts in 1987. Her sire was MACK (Ch Mshindaji's He Truxmore) and her dame was MIKA (Ch Mshindaji's Admika Johari C). I'd fallen for RR's while living in Kenya, and decided to get one for myself. Mack was the most handsome RR I'd ever seen, and Gusa resembles him a lot. Gusa lives a bucolic life in the woods of New Hampshire. "I was a wrinkled dog from the beginning. But I finally grew into this extra coat. Mom couldn't believe how big my feet were at this time. I was only 12 weeks old here."

My brother Alvin, the cat, used to pretend to be a vampire and "drink my bloooood"! We liked to play this game when we were small tikes. He passed away this year and I miss him..But, mom got me two sister cats, and they are all over me. I tolerate them.

I guess I am not too photogenic sometimes. I guess I look like I worked too much on obedience today.....You said "STAY". This is the best I feel like doing, okay????

This is my Dad. He is a great guy.
I always listen to him! Well..most of the time....

Did you ask if we were "READY" for a "RIDE" in the "CAR"? This is my other brother, BUCK. I didn't like him at the beginning, but he's my pal now. I use to try to run him off my property. But he kept hanging around, so I said he could stay.

I am the ever vigilant "watcher". My job is to keep tabs on all living with me. It is a tough world out there and controlling it is a big job for a dog like me...somebody has to do the dirty work. Mother calls me "La Commandanta". I don't understand why!

A cozy fire is all I need to keep me happy in winter or a sunlit
floor in the summer. It sure is wonderful being a DOG!

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