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Gritty and Ollie

Gritty and Ollie lives with Rob Patten and Kara Breese in Rye, New Hampshire.
Mshindaji's Kweli Changarawe (True Grit), aka "Gritty" was born on January 16th at Mshindaji in Middleboro, MA. His sire was Mshindaji's Swankie Frankie "Frankie" and his dam was Ch. Mshindaji's Mt. Ridge Live Wire "Livy". He's on the left with two littermates, casually yawning and making his good-natured yawn noise. It didn't take long for him to win me over.

Ollie, aka Ollie, was born on January 30th, 1999 and was ready to pick up two weeks after Gritty. His sire was also Mshindaji's Swankie Frankie and his dam was Mshindaji's Revolver (Revie). Ollie, on the right, was a little tank but still not as broad as his littermate. It was a toss up at first, but Ollie's endearing persistence paid off and he was soon on his way home with his new family.

After deciding on Ollie, we introduced the two. Gritty was two weeks older and a little bigger, but Ollie made up for his size with lots of attitude! After a few minutes at play, they were friends and now they're practically inseparable.

Here's Gritty at 9 weeks on his first weekend away in Maine. After exhausting himself running around the cabin, he found a nice warm spot in front of the woodstove.

This is Ollie at about twelve weeks, visiting Seapoint Beach in Kittery Point, ME. At first, he wasn't so sure he liked the wide-open space, but now it's his favorite place to run and play with Gritty.

Here's Gritty and Ollie at six months, enjoying the summit view from Cathrine's Mountain in Cherryfield, ME. They're a bit bigger in this picture but just keep growing and growing. When they aren't hiking, they can normally be found eating, sleeping, digging or chewing. Ah, the life of a dog...

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