More Rhodesian Ridgebacks:

Cobb lives with Joe Gumban in Pleasant Hill, California.
This was taken in his breeder's backyard at 6 wks. of age, still two weeks away from him coming home with me.

Here at 8 wks., all snuggled up in my...our....HIS new bed. I could never imagine sleeping a night without my Cobb nearby.

13 weeks old in one of my favorite shots of my baby boy. Built a 40yd x 5yd x 3inch river-slick-gravel box for him to play and potty in. Reminds me so much of a little horse in this photo!

5 and 1/2 months old here in a Christmas Eve 99' photo. The rope he is tossing around was one of many Christmas gifts family members had bought for him. SPOILED ROTTEN! :)

COBB: Did I not tell you no autographs or pictures?!

With a diet of dog food, raw meat, fresh veggies, and brown rice, matched with beach side windsprints, Cobb, here at almost 6 months is growing up to be a healthy, muscle-packed prince!

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