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Charlie & 'Dozer

Charlie and 'Dozer live with Sharon and Will Johnson in Belmont, CA.

This is Deer Ridge Salmon River Scout better known as "Charlie". He is 27" inches and 90 lbs.

This is Charlie at one of his favorite haunts, an off-leash area where he can pursue his favorite pastime, "Rabbit Chasin' ".

This is Deer Ridge Salmon River Gold better known as 'Dozer. He is 5 mos old and the little brother of Charlie. 'Dozer has lots of growing to do, but already weighs 60 + lbs.

Another shot of The 'Dozer.

'Dozer at 18 mos of age at a salt marsh near our home.

Most of these photos were taken at our ranch, The Glacier View in No. California. Charlie has been coming with us to this RR heaven since he was 4 mos old. This May 1996, was 'Dozer's first trip. He was 7 months old in these photos. He loved the freedom of the 18 cleared acres and the wonderful hikes with Charlie and I through the woods and down to the Salmon River. There are intriguing wild smells to sniff with their hounds', deer, ringtail cats and even mountain lion and brown bears. What fun!

Ridgebacks three at the So Fork of the Salmon River in Siskiyou, CA (left to right: Rowdy Langlais, Dozer and Charlie Johnson)

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