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Blazer lives with George & Laurie Muggee in Lafayette, California.

PreCh. Westwood Trail Blazer's (Blazer) sire is Ch. Miramar Cause For Applause (Shoda) and his dam is Ch. Camelot's Darlin' Companion (Darlin). Ch. Deer Ridge Morgana, also on this web page, is his granddam (Darlin's mom). Although he is a spoiled brat, he's still a well behaved puppy and joins me almost everyday at work (my clients request that I bring him).

Here's Blazer, now 7 months old, at Lafayette Reservoir. We try to go there several times a week. There are mountain lion sightings every now and then at this lake. Suprisingly, his first time to the reservoir for a walk, he growled at something (nothing was around) and we later found out it was the exact location of a mountain lion sighting several days prior to our walk. Aside from hiking and playing on the trails, he loves to birdwatch.

Here's Blazer at almost 11 months with his two best friends. On the far right is the newest addition to our family, a 5 1/2 month old Whippet and her name is Casper. Next to Blazer is Bogie, Blazer's first "brother and best friend." He was killed accidentally (and quickly without pain) when Blazer was about 6 months old. The worst thing after losing Bogie was that Blazer would look for him and start crying. As luck would have it, Casper has many of Bogie's traits and has a similar personality. This was the biggest influence in choosing her name (Casper, Bogie's friendly ghost).

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