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Bauer lives with Jennifer Holmes and Philip Merritt in Ottawa, Canada.
Bauer was born in August 1998 at Wildewit kennels in New Brunswick. When he arrived in Ottawa, he weighed only 8 pounds. His face made us think that butter could not melt in his mouth.

We quickly found out the truth about our Boy Wonder. Here he is teasing his Aunt Boo, who had little patience for his puppy teeth and his energy. On our next visit to Boo's home, she bit through his lip, letting him know where she draws the line.

This picture was taken shortly after Bauer's encounter with a clumsy Great Dane. Bauer was thirteen weeks at the time. The Dane somehow sat upon Bauer, fracturing our feisty puppy's leg. Three weeks and a few dollars later, the leg was healed without any trace of the break. His parents recovered nicely as well.

By sixteen weeks, Bauer has learned to pose nicely for the camera. This Kodak moment occured on the bed where he is only allowed to be after the alarm has gone off in the morning. Although his ears may seem disproportionately large, they are often slow to channel our requests. Miraculously, they are always working fine when someone is holding a treat.

Bauer loves the Canadian snow and quickly found it to be ample source of water during play. This picture was taken at his favourite stomping ground, the Ottawa Arboretum, where dogs are allowed off leash. This was also the site of the Great Dane Fiasco.

At six months and sixty pounds, our lion hunter has worked out his stalking routine quite well. He always gets a few surprised laughs from other owners as he stealthily hunts golden retrievers and other dreaded enemies.

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