Elvis & Matilda
Two's Company - December/January/February 1998-1999

Elvis and Matilda

Another year older for Elvis. December 21st he turned four.
McDonald's Hamburgers are the favorite birthday snack and
Matilda is more than happy to help Elvis celebrate the big day.

Matilda loves spending time in front of the fireplace and the new stove.

Elvis ejoying some gallivanting in the snow.
This was one of our better storms this winter.

Matilda shows her fearlessness as she tries to help Mom
paint the staircase walls.

Elvis showing off his manual dexterity.

Matilda finds things in the woods that she's very proud of.
This is the upper jaw and skull to what we can only guess is a deer.

Matilda is finally all grown up.
February 1st she turned two!

Matilda loves to walk around with stuff on her nose.

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