Elvis & Matilda
Two's Company - June/July/August 1998

Elvis and Matilda

"Hey Elvis, let's romp around in this water!
This tide is even out!"

"I'm really not in the mood, Matilda. It's so messy."

"Suit yourself!"

A ten minute puppy fit proceeds...

"See, I told you it was messy Matilda. Mom's going to kill you!"
"I don't care, I had fun!"

Matilda's show career is, more than likely, over. She doesn't enjoy them too much; all those potential playmates and never permission or time to play. She'll just have to remain our secret little beauty.

We thought she was a goner. Elvis never had a reaction like this so when she got stung, we were only a little worried. She was quite scared though, which scared us. When she seemed to be getting worse by the minute, I took off to get some benadryl. Before I got back, Steph was on the way to the vet. When I saw Steph very upset and Matilda drooling uncontrollably in the passenger seat, I feared the worst. A half hour and a big shot of steriods later, and she looked like this. She had been stung several times about the face and in her mouth. Her tongue had started to swell so she had trouble breathing and couldn't close her mouth (hence the drooling). It was really very scary.

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