Elvis & Matilda
Two's Company - April/May 1998

Matilda and Elvis

A cool spring stream is nice for a drink but too cold if you fall in!

Elvis and Matilda enjoying having a blast lure coursing. I don't know if it was the competition with each other or what but they both were going crazy on the sidelines just waiting for their turns. It was Matilda's first time and she definitely loved it.

Sometimes, when you're tired, any place will do... the dirtier, the better!

Elvis showing off his studly scratch... he's so tough.

Matilda is ever watchful and never afraid to let us know when she feels we need to check something out: barking is a hobby of hers...

Easter '98: Matilda still looking for eggs and Elvis just loving life.

Matilda's show career has begun. As you can see, she sometimes has too much fun in the ring but isn't that what it's all about?

They're a fun pair to be around.

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