Elvis & Matilda
Two's Company - March 1998

Matilda and Elvis

Sometimes after a long walk, Matilda is too tired to even get out of the truck!

Matilda's first trip to the ocean and she was none too impressed. The water was much too cold and the sand didn't taste very good either. She and Elvis still managed to had fun though...

Matilda's heat has finally passed. Unfortunately for him, Elvis only got a sore cheek where Matilda repeatedly bit him.

Matilda has had quite an affect on Elvis. He's reverting back to his puppy self! He's the instigator of play as often, if not more, than she is. He stole the coffee cup from Steph because everyone got tired of chasing him with and his stick.

They're a cute pair, whether eating bones or looking for critters.

Matilda has taken over the posing duties. Elvis is just too famous now!

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