Elvis & Matilda
And Then There Were Two - November 1997

Matilda and Elvis

Matilda was introduced to snow for the first time in her life this month!
She really loves it, as does Elvis.

A recent hiking trip took us to the fire tower overlooking Pawtuckaway Lake.
Matilda and Gracie went at their own pace but Elvis had to be in the lead.
Everyone made it in the end, including Karen, Casey, and Stephanie,
Maxwell, Grace, Elvis, and Matilda.

When walking, Elvis sometimes gets behind because he's off chasing squirrels.
He's then faced with the problem that when he tries to get back to the front,
he must pass by the four-legged terror. Matilda patiently waits for his move.
If he doesn't cut around through the woods, he gets attacked!

They both think that the snow is pretty fun.

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