Elvis & Matilda
And Then There Were Two - August 1997

Elvis and Matilda

I'm sure Matilda has Hippopotamus in her pedigree since she loves water, mud, and dirt and won't hesitate to bury her face in all three.

Who says Ridgebacks don't like water?

Elvis showing off as usual.

On the weekends, as soon as it's light, the two of them let us know that they're ready for their morning walk and breakfast by playing rather loudly in the bedroom. Matilda is usually the instigator and the one on top most of the time, but Elvis periodically reminds her who's the boss!

If the whole rucus fails, they try a more direct approach...

Matilda enjoying the fruits of her (swimming) labor.

Her best impression of a stack: I don't think she's quite ready to be shown.

Just hanging out...

A rare shot. (It's better that way!)

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