Elvis & Matilda
And Then There Were Two - June 1997

Elvis and Matilda

Having fun with a horseshoe crab at Wagon Hill.

Matilda found her very own pet one day, a small box turtle.

Not to be outdone, Elvis found a bigger turtle to call his own. When that didn't work out, he went back to looking for the furry critters.

The dock at Max and Grace's house is a fun
summer place to hang out and cool off.

Both have special beauty secrets: Matilda uses yogurt for her nose while Elvis prefers a good dust bath.

Whether a puppy fit on the beach or chasing Lily for
a big helping of pig poop, Matilda has alot of energy.

Blue water and red dogs look good together...

Everyday, Stephanie takes them on a long afternoon walk that includes some swimming to cool off. Matilda took to the water much earlier than Elvis ever did, but now he loves it.

Matilda and Elvis now do almost everything together. We're often woken very early in the morning by their playing and whining for breakfast...

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