Elvis & Matilda
And Then There Were Two - April 1997

Meet Matilda!

Here are her mom, Cutter, and dad, Blackmail.

She loves to climb on rocks, first at Mshindaji, then at home.

Matilda is definitely a troublemaker. She's going to be handfull!

She likes to get her beauty sleep.

Elvis has never particularly liked puppies and he's made no exception for
Matilda. At first, he didn't like being in the same room with her but
he's definitely warming up. Still, it's been hard to get the two in the
same picture together. The first is from a pit stop on her initial ride
home, the second at home with Elvis paying more attention to squirrels.

Stephaine is enjoying Matilda but she doesn't understand
that Mattie is a Daddy's girl.

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