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The RR-FOLK list is an email list for owners, future owners, former owners, and other fanciers of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. This list is maintained by Richard Gordon and Thomas Baker and it was created in September of 1994. Before subscribing to the list, see Richard's RR-FOLK: Description, Rules, and Instructions.

To join, send email to with "rr-folk" as the subject and

subscribe rr-folk Your Name

in the body of the message. DON'T PUT ANYTHING ELSE IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE! Substitute your name for Your Name, e.g. Jane Doe. As of October, 1996, there are over 500 subscribers to this mailing list. The mailing list archives are available in digest format at

Description, Rules, and Instructions


Welcome to the new version of rr-folk! is a mailing list for people interested in discussing Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. That is, it is an "unmoderated" mailing list for Ridgeback fanciers. It has recently migrated from

The listproc software will ask you to set a password for your subscription; using that password, you will be able to perform certain list functions as outlined in the listproc help file.

By default, your subscription is set to "mail noack"--that is, you will not receive copies of notes you post to the list, but otherwise you will receive every message as it is sent to the list. Since this list has averaged approximately 40 messages per day, you might wish to choose the "digest" option outlined later in this message.

For more information about all the options available to you, send e-mail to containing this line as the one and only line in the body of your message:


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This is an unmoderated mailing list. There are, however, a few rules and guidelines to which the list owner and the system administrator ask all subscribers to adhere.

Limitations of Liability

The list owner and system administrator undertake no duty to monitor the content of messages posted to the mailing list. By your continuing to receive messages from, you agree to hold Richard Gordon, list owner; the University of Delaware, his employer; Thomas Baker, system administrator for; and the University of New Hampshire, his employer, harmless for the content of the postings to this mailing list.

The opinions and ideas expressed in this unmoderated mailing list reflect the individual opinions and ideas of the authors of each individual note and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the list owner, the system adminstrator, or their employers. The list owner, the system administrator, and their employers make no warranty express or implied about the information exchanged in this mailing list. Rather, this forum is provided as a public service.

If you cannot accept these terms, unsubscribe NOW by sending e-mail to containing this command:

unsubscribe rr-folk

Copyright Issues

  1. Sharing of messages: It is the list owner's understanding that the copyright for each note posted to the list belongs to the original sender. However, in an effort to foster the full and free exchange of information, and since each posting to the list is, in effect, a "public utterance," the author of each posted note will be deemed to have granted his or her consent to having that note retained in an archive of notes posted to the list and in non-commercial FAQ files so that future and current subscribers can benefit from previous exchanges.

    In all other cases, if you wish to print or quote material from postings to this list in a public not-for-profit enterprise (e.g., a dog club newsletter) OR in a for-profit enterprise, you should obtain permission from the original sender.

  2. Fair use: To protect yourself, if you post material for which you are not the author, please make sure that you have the author's permission to post that material or that your posting constitues a fair use under US copyright law.

  3. For more information about Fair Use, consult Benedict's "Fair Use Test"
    For more general copyright information, consult Benedict's "Copyright Website"

No Personal Attacks or Harrassment

This is an unmoderated list. Its goal is the free exchange of information between people interested in Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. Please remember that in the course of the exchange, it is natural that we will disagree with each other from time to time. Keep those disagreements focussed on the issue under discsussion.

While the list owner and system administrator do not monitor or screen the content of posted messages, personal attacks and other offensive or harrassing conduct will not be tolerated. If you become aware of such behavior, please directly e-mail the list owner ( The ordinary "remedy" will be for the list owner to remind all parties to refrain from harrassment. However, the list owner and the system administrator for reserve the right to expel people from the list for repeated personal attacks against anybody.

For example, the list owner would consider the following to be unacceptable language:

Richard Gordon is a power-hungry, neo-nazi, fascist idiot who wouldn't know a greyhound from a ridgeback and has no business telling anyone what he thinks about dogs.

The list owner would consider the following a more acceptable use of language as it focuses on the issues raised and not on attacking the speaker:

I disagree with several of the points Richard Gordon raises in his posting comparing greyhounds and ridgebacks. First, .... And, finally, if Richard or others wish to learn more about this topic, I would suggest reading (name of book or article)....

E-Mail Netiquette

  1. Please remember that some people have limited mailbox space or limited access to e-mail.

  2. Be polite. Not everyone has the same opinion you do. Just because someone disagrees with you, he or she is not automatically attacking you or your opinions. Respecting the diversity of opinion and understanding why different people have reached conclusions different from our own is a valid method of educating ourselves!

  3. If you are new to e-mail, remember things like "smileys" to indicate humor [or attempts at same] and mixed case [ALL CAPS MEANS YOU ARE SHOUTING] help communicate the "tone of voice" for this word-oriented medium!

  4. Reply to individual senders when that seems appropriate (as opposed to replying to the entire mailing list). By all means, feel free to share your thoughts with the entire list, but do think before you reply: "Should I send this reply to her privately or would the entire list be interested?" For example, if someone posts a "brag" to the list, we don't all need to say "Way to go!" to the whole mailing list--we can send congrats to the "braggart" individually! :-)

  5. When responding to a post to the list, make judicious use of "quoting" the original message. Don't quote long chunks of the message and then reply briefly. Quote that part of the message that is germane to your reply and then make your reply.

  6. When you are quoting another post in one of your messages, make sure you sign your name rather prominently so that your ideas are clearly differentiated from those of the person whose posting you are responding to. Actually, please sign all your messages.

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To subscribe or unsubscribe from list, send an e-mail message to

In the body of that message, include one of the following lines:

subscribe rr-folk Your Name

unsubscribe rr-folk

For example, if I was moving to a new computer account, I'd send this message to

unsubscribe rr-folk

When my new account was activated, I'd use the subscribe command to rejoin. That is, I would send a message to that says

subscribe rr-folk Richard Gordon

The listproc software will automatically pick up the e-mail address from your message. Make sure your e-mail address is correct in the "from:" field of your message.

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To send a message to everyone on the mailing list, send e-mail to

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There are four options for receiving mail from the mailing list:

receive all messages as they are posted, including ones you send

receive all messages as they are posted, excluding copies of ones you send

receive all messages in "digest" or "batch" format; receiving approx. 1-2 "digests" per day containing all messages sent since last digest

postpone receiving messages but stay on the subscriber list--useful for vacation time!

When you first subscribe, the mail option is set to "noack" (no acknowledgement).

To change the option, send e-mail to containing this one line in the body of the message:

set rr-folk mail option

(replacing option with one of "ack, digest, postpone, noack") You may change the options as often as you like.

Digest Format (several messages contained in each "digest")

Digest format is especially effective for subscribers who pay their service provider by the e-mail message or who receive dozens of e-mail messages. That is, it may be cheaper or easier for you to receive one long message containing the last 17 messages than to receive those 17 messages individually.

To receive digests containing all the messages sent to the list instead of receiving each message individually, send e-mail to containing this one line in the body of your message:

set rr-folk mail digest

To reset the list to message-by-message format, send e-mail to containing ONE OF THE TWO lines below as the one and only line in the body of your mail message:

set rr-folk mail noack
set rr-folk mail ack

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To see the last published version of the Internet Rhodesian Ridgeback FAQ page (from Cindy T. Moore), point a WWW browser (e.g., lynx, kaleidoscope, mosaic, netscape, cello, spyglass, etc.) at the following URL:

For a more visual experience, check out Thomas Baker's Visual Ridgeback WWW site:

The Official RRCUS Web Site:

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