Copyright © Notice from Thomas Baker
(base on the original by Philip Greenspun)

All the text and pictures are copyright © 1995, 1996 Thomas Baker.

You may use the pictures for any noncommercial purpose if you attribute the source, e.g., "photo courtesy Thomas Baker (" and you notify me prior to such use. If you are on the Web, please omit the email address and make my name a hyperlink to my home page.

I am very happy to sell my pictures for advertising, editorial use, or stock. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of the photographs commercially.

You may redistribute the text for noncommercial purposes, but please don't break up documents and please attribute the source in such a way that someone can find the most up-to-date version on the Web.

Finally, and this is the nasty part... a lot of magazines have been reprinting my Web pages lately. If you would like to reprint something from my Web page, please contact me so that we can negotiate terms. You'll probably get my permission, but only if you are taking the image from a 24-bit display.

Anyway, not to beat a dead horse, but if you are charging money for your magazine, that is commercial use in my opinion and you are not covered by the above license, which is intended for fellow Web authors who are not charging for their work.